Any businessperson, lawyer or professional looking to improve their confidence, communication and connection with other people would be fortunate to work with Nicolina.

As an attorney, I am fortunate to work alongside Nicolina at a prominent trial advocacy program. She specializes in teaches lawyers how to use their bodies as a communications channel, to judges & juries. Nicolina is special among teachers; she has the ability to easily translate skills commonly used by performers. Lessons are designed so lawyers can understand the techniques  & take them into court with them each day.

She coaches lawyers, military, air force & the navy on how to connect their minds to their bodies, thoughts to their gestures, their movements to their words. Maximizing the impact of the points they are communicating with a focus on using empathy as a tool. She gives them techniques to grow confidence, calm nerves, and command the space when they enter the courtroom.

Nicolina's true gift, however, lies in her ability to connect with people whether the class is a large or small, she has a way of engaging that makes you feel as though you are the only person in the room. To possess this gift is amazing in its own right. But, to be able to teach others how to connect is this way is priceless. 

Defenders Academy @ CUNY Law School (2016-17) Jennifer Selitti Esq.

Nicolina is an an amazing and skilled expert. Her attention to detail is uncanny. She always discovers the necessary change points with incredible insight and acumen.She creates a wonderful atmosphere and access points for any setting.I have worked with her personally for years. She makes me a better courtroom lawyer. I highly recommend her and her techniques to anyone wanting  to be better. In any performance capacity, requiring presence or stage work. 

Defenders Academy @ CUNY Law School (2016-17) Sam Dennis Esq.

"Undertaking vocational training has always had a structure much like that of a classroom element; whether it be acting ‘class’, singing ‘lesson’, dance ‘workshop’. Those leading these information sessions are often referred to as our ‘teachers’ or ‘coaches’, Nicolina however was that rare individual who removes the class and fills the room with art : her artistry.

Having had some previous dance training I had assumed I’d be a natural at ‘Movement’ and whilst my flexibility and co-ordination gave me some more creative capacity, it was Nicolina’s inspiration that allowed me to foster an unyielding respect for ‘movement ‘ as not simply another class but a way of life. Through the guidance of Nicolina I was able to not just see but feel how invaluable movement is to the training actor. In realizing the intrinsic connection movement has within the creation of art I have realized my own potential as an arts practitioner.

This would not have been possible had Nicolina not fostered an all encompassing approach to both the ensemble and individual with her methods. I was able to effectively access and assimilate all aspects of my body with my mind through effective exercises and inspiring dialogues that invited us to speak with as much ease as we were now able to move.

Nicolina Dante goes above and beyond to make me and so many others realize that life, just like movement, is constantly in motion and we have the ability to communicate our own and others stories through creative existence and not just the literal ."

  *** "As an actor focusing mainly on text and language driven theatre, I have not spent a great deal of time focusing on my physicality.  As a result I have a real lacking in terms of self-awareness and movement.  This can create many problems for an actor trying to break into an industry where versatility and flexibility is paramount. “ 

Rose Bruford Student Ciaran O Driscoll   2014

“At Drama School I have had many movement teachers, however Nicolina Dante's approach was above and beyond the quality of previous 'experts'.  She has a seemingly relaxed approach which immediately puts you at ease, yet at the same time is constantly watching, observing all the physical challenges and attributes the actor possesses.  

Whilst instilling confidence and pride with those who at first may be insecure with aspects of dance or movement they are not used to. Nicolina provides at atmosphere of safety, where you can try your best, learn and grow from your mistakes.  This ultimately leads to the progression of her students, no matter what level they are already at or what area they may be hoping to improve upon.  

No matter what your needs, Jazz, contemporary etc. - Nicolina has the experience, skill and most importantly the ability to teach to the hardest, most difficult students of all - Performers.”

Cullum Hughes- American Theatre Arts BA (Hons)  Student Rose Bruford College 2011

***"Working with Nicolina improved my physicality hugely, she gave really insightful and helpful feedback on my work. Her passion for, and knowledge of her field made me reconsider how I use my body as a performer."

Laurence Greiner- American Theatre Arts BA (Hons)Student Rose Bruford College 2010