Yoga and Movement Coaching



Yoga for yogis and non-yogis. Nobody is "good" or "bad" at yoga!  There is no yoga champion.

Nicolina has developed a highly accessible movement coaching style and body language approach for non-yoga go-ers, non-movers, non-dancers, as well as trained professionals! She graduated from the Royal Central School of Speech And Drama, with a Specialized  Masters  Degree in Movement Studies & Body Language. Her focus has been in anatomy courses, dance techniques, Alexander techniques, Alba Emoting, neurological landscapes in the body, Feldenkrais, and psychophysical acting techniques, among others.

Adding another layer of continued practice, she completed the YTT 200-hour Yoga Alliance training at The Yoga Room.


Best described as vinyasa flow: if requested it can have a mix of backgrounds, bringing in ideas and teachings from several different schools and techniques. 

SAFE stretching FOR ALL BODIES with a dynamic ‘warm up & breathing technique’ is key to her approach. This invigorates self-awareness and connection, helps eliminate chronic pain, can help avoid injury & can improve ones mood. Combined with a targeted range of motion training, her approach is designed to improve and understand the way you move from head to toe.


There is no need to know a single pose, just the need to be ready to rid your body of what ails it. Blocks or habits can be transformed into your own personal strength. She will encourage you to adjust or modify your practice with “props.” Bring the floor to you! 


​ ​
designed for specific needs: 60-90 minutes.
Per person is 
$21 (1hr) $27 (1.5hr)

Sliding Scale TBD

Room Rates
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for Groups
31 Nassau Ave 
Brooklyn, New York 11222
$30 and
​ ​
  • D
    epending on 
    time of day and location
  • If mats are needed $2 each
  • How long the  scheduled class blocks are
(Intake first class)
 If your schedule allows the first meeting  (up to 90 minutes)is my gift to you, at no extra charge.Please note: the first class often needs some extra time, as we go over your wellness forms, especially if we are new to each other

For Individual Session:
One on One
$100 (1hr)  
To purchase a block for  $85 a session
3 for $255
5 for $425
10 for $850

What is Movement Confidence? 
If you want to learn more, I offer a 15-25 minute complimentary phone or Skype session, where I can expand on my approach of what BE MOVING is.
Price: free

INDIVIDUAL COACHING in person or online offering 
Movement & the mind body connection is both personal and interpersonal.

The importance of (inter)connectedness over self-improvement is this first STEP. What are your movement health goals & what are your habits?

I encourage you to share as little or as much with me as you feel fit. There is an art to finding comfort in practicing vulnerability & empathy. We can then design a personalized program cycle and approach to your movement needs. We will assess and work past habitual self limiting attachments.

Preliminary Assessment: in person, by phone, or skype.

We will come up with a daily routine for maintaining joint health, locating tension, and working on release techniques to expand your personal concept of mind-body connection. This initial intake is a one-on-one 60 or 90-minute session, introducing the participant to a hands-on individualized assessment process. Provided will be a framework for bodily self-assessment.

The BE MOVING program will create more Movement Confidence understandings, leading to body language  that will be extremely beneficial to your every day working environment and health.

This initial intake 60-90 MIN 

Price: $99-$135


My BE MOVING workshops have been utilized in groups of two individuals to nearly two hundred.

Lawyers- Military- Air force - Corporate offices -Team Building- College level Performers 


There can be on the spot evaluation & critiques or months of classroom training. It's all possible! 

While embracing the BE MOVING techniques, one's movement confidence & mind body awareness will develop into a healthier  perceptions of interpersonal relationships.

Price: TBD on Contract